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G'day, let me introduce myself. My name is Danny. I had a fantastic childhood growing up in Switzerland. I haven't really grown up yet. I matured a little bit but that's about it. I arrived in Australia with my wife in '97 and hit the ground running. I'm an arborst by trade. I was climbing trees for over 25 years. I thouroughly enjoyed that time. It kept me fit and I got to do things that not everyone could. 

Then came a change n my career. I managed to fall out of a tree. It wasn't serious, I just broke my leg. Some say I banged my head. Meh, it wasn't too bad. But started to think about my future. I returned to my climbing career for a few more years and then quit, sort of. That's another story. I set out to get better at cartooning. I always drew. I grew up with Asterix and comics from AndrĂ© Franquin, Margerin etc etc. I managed to get a gig at Australian Motorcycle News. I then joined the ACA, the Australian Cartoonists Association. That was a good move. At least I had likeminded people around me. 

My style improved and I ventured into other things I would never have dared to do. Like life drawings and life caricaturing. It was daunting to start off with, but I like it. 

Now I'm here. The work you see here is what I like doing. My goal is to illustrate a childrens book. I like drawing funny animals. You probably worked that out already. I hope you like what you see. I keep updating it from time to time. So please join in and see what is new. 



Danny ZempDanny ZempDanny ZempDanny ZempDanny ZempDanny ZempDanny ZempDanny Zemp