Paris Leventis


Send me your car photo and brief (Mainly size. I generally work at either A4 or A3 so if you intend to print bigger I need to know prior to making the image) and a non refundable $120 deposit and I will send you a 72 dpi digital drawing back similar as to what is displayed in my folio.

If you are happy, an $120 balance payment will buy you the high-res (300 dpi) file. You are then authorised to manufacture a single version of my artwork for personal use only. If it is ever destroyed or you wish to make a bigger version down the track this is also acceptable so long as only one physical version exists. Please remember you are only buying a single print of the image, I remain the owner of the artwork itself.

I only correspond via e-mail and I only draw cars for the pricing mentioned. Other illustrations especially those done with raw materials (ie not digitally) will be priced at $40/hr.  An artwork can take me anywhere between 3 - 12 hours of work depending on the medium and complexity. I am open to completing a particular brief in an allocated time budget. This will be done to the best of my ability in the time allowed. I would ask for an upfront 50% non refundable deposit in such cases.  

I am open to minor adjustments on my work prior balance payment but for the most part I draw in accordance to my own style.  If you don't like my style please deal with someone else. :)

Thank you.