IA Friday Talks - The Business of Illustration: the essential tools for success

Friday, 8 May 2015

IA is very proud to present and offer this special talk in collaboration with Vincenzo Pignatelli.  It is through the wonderful willingness and collaboration through creative networks and individuals like Vincenzo that we are able to offer this talk at such a low entry cost. Seats will be snapped up fast for such a popular and informative subject amongst our illustration community..................

- so get on to it!!!


Are you constantly sidetracked and hindered on your path to becoming the best illustrator ever by the piling of collateral activities (contracts, negotiation, finances, self promotion, etc.) that seem to incessantly leech your creative energies,

Or have you lost clarity and sense of purpose and are struggling to balance artistic and financial goals to further your career - you feel like your head is spinning due to a seemingly unsurmountable amount of management problems draining your time and stamina, THEN this short yet powerful seminar is designed to bring you some much needed clarity!

Topics to be covered:

  • understand your value and that of your work
  • learn to visualise your long-term goals and put yourself on the path to achieve them
  • manage your time with purpose and understand that time is the only currency that really matters
  • be flexible and open to opportunities, think out of the canvas
  • promote yourself by focusing on what matters, skills, presentation and networking
  • negotiate like a professional, don’t get lost into the legal jargon and focus on obtaining what is most important to you

When: Friday May 8th, 6.45pm for a 7pm start (finishes at 8.30pm)

Venue: Billy Blue College of Design in the heart of Melbourne city

Deadline for booking 5pm Thursday May 7th - limited seating so be quick!!

$25 FOR IA MEMBERS ( incl. Scwbi, ACA, ASA)

$35 Non-Member, $15 Student, $10 IA Student (Billy Blue & MDC students)


Vincenzo Pignatelli is a neuroscientist by trade, and entrepreneur at heart.  Starting from scratch, animated by a personal passion for technology and storytelling and with no previous knowledge of the AppStore ecosystem, he has founded Blue Quoll Digital, a studio creating interactive (and gorgeous) picture books for the Apple devices.  Vincenzo has been managing Blue Quoll since coordinating the work of illustrators, designers, and developers, and curating the quality of Blue Quoll book Apps in every detail ........ Read more about Vincenzo here

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