• Books - Single

    Ben Jelfs - Walking the dog

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Self / Redrum Studios

    Description: Illustration for self published children's ebook 'We Played In The Sun. Growing Up In The 70s & 80s.'

  • Advertising - Single

    Justin Pedler - London - Experience Britain's crowning glory

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Printism

    Description: A vintage-style poster design of London featuring many famous landmarks of London.

  • Editorial - Single

    Jim Tsinganos - Writes of Passage - Qantas Magazine

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Chris Roseby - Studio (Bauer Media)

    Client: Qantas Magazine - Bauer Media

    Description: Full page feature entitled 'Writes of Passage' in Qantas Magazine about how the travels and experiences on those travels influence and inspire the work of a writer.

  • Unpublished - Single

    Jim Tsinganos - I Amplify in Silence

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Self

    Client: Affiliated Text

    Description: Exhibition piece for the 'Selfie: Image Narrative Opiate' group show at Affiliated Text, Cross Art Books, 33 Roslyn St., Kings Cross, Sydney.

  • Instructional/Technical - Single

    Levent Efe - Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI) technique

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Self - Studio (Levent Efe medical illustration studios)

    Client: Levent Efe Online store, der Spiegel Magazine-Germany

    Description: This sequential still series visually narrates the stages in the placement of an Aortic valve via the Transcatheter route. Special emphasis is given to valve deterioration prior to the procedure, and the destruction of this original valve with a Balloon catheter

  • Institutional - Single

    Nigel Buchanan - FETE

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Jo Dean

    Client: Bourke Street Public School

    Description: Poster for a local school fund raiser.

  • Books - Single

    Rovina Cai - Bridge Encounter

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Jess Serjent-Tipping

    Client: 3D Total Publishing

    Description: This illustration was created for a drawing tutorial book, where I created an image and wrote about my process. The brief was fairly open-ended; calling for the illustration to include both a creature and a character. With this subject in mind, I chose to create an image inspired by classical storybook illustrations, something that could have come out of an old book of myths and fairytales. With this illustration I was able to cover a range of drawing tips and techniques for the tutorial, like designing characters and creatures, composition, and creating mood and atmosphere.

  • Advertising - Series

    Stephen Fuller - Make a Difference

    Gold Category Winners

    Art director: Jordan Dale. Writer: Chris Childerhouse - Studio (Ogilvy New Zealand)

    Client: Royal Forest & Bird Protection Society of New Zealand

    Description: Direct Response Press and Poster illustrations where the NZ $5, $10, & $50 notes have had the Designations and Birds removed and the illustration extended out from the centre to fill an A4 page so that when the designated note is placed back into the illustration, it matches into the scene and is a request for donations.