Illustrators Australia for Japan

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Illustrators Australia Online Auction 100% of proceeds being donated to Red Cross Australia’s Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011. Feel free to browse the gallery, to make a bid click the link to the ebay listing. Thank you so much to all members for their donations! Thanks also to Still Moving Design for volunteering their time to help with the website set up.

NOTE: The successful donor/bidder is not eligible for a receipt for taxation purposes as they are receiving a benefit (in this case, the artwork) in return for the successful bid amount which 100% will be donated to the Red Cross Australia’s Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal 2011. Please contact the Australian Taxation Office should you require further information in relation to the tax deductibility of donations For more info on the Appeal: Australia charity number charity registration number 26524223). For a copy of the Letter of Authority for Community fundraising please contact:

See the works here, BIDDING has finished and thank you to all that were successful with their bids - you have supported a fantastic cause and we hope it can make some difference to helping the good people of Japan.

At Auctions end…......
We have now sent Red Cross Australia $2010 from the works kindly donated by the illustrating members of IA - thank you 

We sincerely thank all our members that participated in the IA for Japan appeal by donating their artwork for Auction.
We have now sent $2010 to Red Cross Australia for the Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal!

Thank you to organiser/illustrator Andrea Innocent & Website designer Martin Walker (Still Moving Design)
for their volunteer assistance.

If you are a lover of fantastic illustration and artwork, make a bid on our members works, it’s for the very good cause 
Japan and Pacific Disaster Appeal, the auction starts on Monday 28th at 12pm and is for 6 days only.
Pass it on to all that loves artwork and supporting good causes.