'In the Know' - Seminar and Discussion Panel - Saturday 27th August 2016

Saturday, 27 August 2016

The illustration industry has taken many unexpected twists and turns over the last decade. With the introduction of new technologies, a transition of opportunity and a shift in the way business is conducted, we've cherry picked the best in the industry to address the the current state of illustration.

To kick off the day Mitch Vane will speak of her experience as an illustrator with her long career providing a wealth of knowledge. She will explore the changes she's witnessed in the industry, how she's adapted to the changes and where she thinks illustration is headed. 

The afternoon will lead with a panel of industry professionals who commission illustrators. The panel will discuss budget/pricing for illustration, where the industry is headed, what's 'in' in illustration right now, what's over- saturated and what's in demand. 

Lara Chan-Baker - The Jacky Winter Group
Li Liang Johnson - The Jacky Winter Group
Erica Wagner - Allen & Urwin
Representative - Frankie Magazine

To address the flip side of the coin, a panel of professional illustrators from a range of different disciplines will discuss budget/pricing for illustration, where the industry is headed and which areas of illustration offer consistent commissions.

Annie White - Children's Book Illustration
Sandra Etrovic - Magazine Publishing/Advertising
Angie Réhe - Fashion Illustration 
Serena Geddes - Children's Book Illustration
Gregory Baldwin - Advertising
Adele K Thomas - Animation and Character Design

Seminar date:
Saturday August 27th 2016

Seminar runs 10am – 4pm

Library at the Dock, 107 Victoria Harbour Promenade, Docklands VIC 3008

Early Bird Price:
IA members $60 
Non-members $80
Student IA members $40