Wai-Jing Design

Who is Wai-Jing?

Wai-Jing is the professional pseudonym – and given Chinese name – of Fiona Tsang, a freelance illustrator and graphic designer.

What I do: I draw stories.

I'm a graduate of the University of Newcastle, with a B. Visual Communication Design (Hons) and a Master of Philosophy (design).

With several years' experience as a freelance illustrator, I’ve had the privalege of collaborating with several international clients, as far afield as the UK and USA; as well as having worked with some wonderful locals.

I specialize in graphic novels, picture book illustration, and visual narratives of all kinds. Contact me to get started - I can create a picture that is worth any thousand of your words!

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Fiona TsangFiona TsangFiona TsangFiona TsangFiona TsangFiona Tsang