Kia Hing Fay

Paperhang | Cutting Paper to Tell Stories

Hello, I'm a self taught illustrator, observer, fact finder & design enthusiast.  After graduating with a Masters in Museum Studies in the UK, I spent many years working with quite nice national art collections.  I now tell stories through illustration, rather than museum objects. I use hand-cut paper shapes layered with inky textures, to communicate ideas with minimal fuss or flounce. You will also notice a considerable dollop of cuteness. 

Currently living in Brisbane with an architect, two clever kids and a not-so-clever dog.

Keen to see your world through paper glasses ? Me too ! 

Kïa Hing FayKïa Hing FayKïa Hing FayKïa Hing FayKïa Hing FayKïa Hing Fay