Sunshine Herbert

I'm Sunshine and i'm a Kids Book Illustrator.

Stories and books make creative kids. 

I LOVE stories and being able to interpret stories visually is what I do! I'm a storyteller with PICTURES! 

I'm a traditional illustrator and I create my silly Characters and lovely Landscapes mostly in Watercolour.  Watercolour has a 'feel' of its own that works wonderfully with children's books, and it really grabs the imagination! 

Aside from creating kids books I love getting kids EXCITED about stories and illustration!

I have a horde of children running around with sharpened pencils ready to take on the world after one of my Illustration workshops and it makes me so happy! I love drawing and arting and if I can inspire just one kid to love it just as much as I do, then i've done my job right!

I have worked with publishers and i've worked a lot with Indie Press Authors. So if you have a kids book and your not quite sure where to start, say hello (i've also got some great resources on YouTube so be sure to check that out too). 

So thats me, if you'd like to see more of my work,

I have plethora of Social Media you can Oogle!